Do you enjoy creating art? Do you love ASL? Do you like to make your own videos? Well, if you put them all together, you’ve got art ASL videos! We have a fun competition for you: ART ASL VIDEO AWARDS!


ART ASL VIDEO AWARDS (AAVA) is an annual video art competition produced by Lenois Productions inviting Deaf video artists and filmmakers to present works that explore today’s amazing technical filming advances that enhance, promote, and celebrate American Sign Language. This competition and screening aims to reach further into understandings of the role of ART in ASL since the Deaf community’s use of social media has quadrupled since the birth of smartphones. For the general public, AAVA opens a window to the world of art and offers strong, wild and innovative works from upcoming and established Deaf video artists and film-makers.


Using ASL in social media has become the hottest trend ever. Many people in the Deaf community use a smartphone with a built-in camera. While technology has the potential to reduce isolation, increase independence, and provide educational, financial, and social opportunities for users, the Deaf community, namely Deaf adolescents, uses the internet as a social tool.“The internet has been a significant tool in creating a place of equity among those with unique needs and has become an “empowering agent” for adolescents who are DHH by opening more opportunities to access information and socialize (Barak & Sadovsky, 2008; Bowe, 2002; Power et al., 2006). Barak and Sadovsky (2008) reported that adolescents who are DHH spend more time on the Internet than hearing users of the same age. The authors also suggested that the Internet could be a source of improving the well-being of individuals who are DHH.” (Maiorana-Basas & Pagliaro, 2014) With more video editing apps available and accessible, more people are able to create artistically visual videos with ease and from the comforts of their couches. Hence the need for an ASL-oriented video art curriculum that supports the notion of using the internet as a way to express their ideas, dreams, knowledge or thoughts in a visually artistic and authenthically visual captive. exists. Instead of only posting a short video on one’s social media channel, one could submit their work to AAVA in hopes of winning a cash prize. This is also another way to treasure, document, preserve and celebrate ASL. The Awards screening can be viewed as a modern day’s Deaf Club event where members of the Deaf community gather, mingle, and network for future opportunities.


AAVA invites video work of any type exploring the theme of ART and American Sign Language in 30 seconds or more, up to two minutes. In this special competition, Deaf video artists and filmmakers will compete against each other. Competition participants must clear the qualifying round to be eligible for the main competition by meeting all five criterions listed below.




Criterion 1: Video artist and filmmakers must be Deaf and reside in the United States of America.

Criterion 2: AAVA is looking for any work that pushes the boundaries of the visual art form. Short film submissions should be no longer than 2 minutes but at least 30 seconds. One submission per artist.

Criterion 3: AAVA is interested in experimental visually aesthetic live action films, all incorporating ASL in varying forms including but not limited to animation, music, poetry, storytelling, and abstract art. Some video editing required.

Criterion 4: Videos submitted must be clean and free of names and titles. Titles and names will already be displayed during the competition. Those with added names or titles will be returned or disqualified.

Criterion 5: Video content containing illegal, excessive obscene, foul language, excessive violence, nudity, or sexual activity will not be accepted.


Lenois Productions will be reviewing submissions and selecting approximately 45-180 videos. Any videos that do not meet all the five criterions will be returned or disqualified.

Creators of those videos that qualify for the competition will be notified by e-mail.



Submission Deadline: TBA

Qualifying Video Notifications: TBA

Screening Date: TBA

Video Art Curriculum

We have a customizable curriculum for video art available for those who teach/work with Deaf students who would enjoy participating in the competition to showcase their talents.


Jon Savage is the co-producer of Lenois Productions for this video competition.  Please feel free to contact him at if you have any questions about submitting your work to the event. 

“Technology Use Among Adults Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing: A National Survey” Michella Maiorana-Basas Claudia M. Pagliaro The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, Volume 19, Issue 3, 1 July 2014, Pages 400-410, 24 March 2014

3rd annual • art asl video awards • Oct. 3, 2020

2nd annual • art asl video awards • July 3, 2019

The event will be produced by Lenois Productions (